RADIO H – a new short film

Throughout the 1980s, John’s eldest daughter Imogen was the self-styled presenter of ‘Radio H’, an ambitious make-believe radio show recorded on her Fisher Price tape recorder. As a counterpoint to John’s landmark investigation of blindness, this short film revisits Imogen’s childhood recordings, as she reflects on her life growing up with a blind father.


In Imogen’s words

I think I speak on behalf of all my family when I say that the film, Notes on Blindness, has provided us with an amazing tribute to Dad – his tenacity, his capacity for insight and his sheer spirit. But in it Dad also takes us back in time to give us a personal tour of his darkest days: days when he felt suffocated by the darkness; when he felt angry with God and separated from us; and days when he felt ‘useless’ as a parent.

The film has prompted me to reflect in so many ways. Two key personal messages have emerged. Firstly, that it is possible not only to be a ‘good-enough’ parent whilst going through a huge personal crisis, but actually to be an amazing one. Secondly, that it is possible to find a remarkably strong sense of hope through experiencing the most painful loss. Both have been incredibly helpful to me in this last year as I come to terms with his death; neither relate directly to his disability; but then that is precisely the point.

I wanted to show a different side of Dad: his raucous and irreverent sense of humour; his profound belief in social justice; his extreme usefulness as a parent – not only despite his blindness, but actually through it. I hope that you enjoy this short film which tells our story.

Read Imogen’s Guardian article, published in August 2016.