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Since opening in UK cinemas in July 2016 Notes on Blindness has become one of the most critically-acclaimed British films of the year. The film was nominated for 6 British Independent Film Awards (winning the Best Documentary Award) and was nominated for 3 BAFTAs (including Best Documentary and Outstanding British Film).


★★★★★ “A visionary, lyrical film” THE TIMES, Kate Muir

★★★★★ “Articulate, eloquent and soul-searching” OBSERVER, Mark Kermode

★★★★★ “Beautiful and reassuring, Notes on Blindness is a moving and inspiring film” DAILY MAIL, Libby Purves

★★★★★  “The genius of the film is in allowing us to understand and visualise the world of blindness… A beautiful, accessible and thoughtful work of art.”   THE GUARDIAN, Charlie Phillips

★★★★★ “Remarkable… a haunting, throat-catching documentary that shares some of the lyrical power of Clio Barnard’s The Arbor or Carol Morley’s Dreams of a Life.”  THE LIST, Allan Hunter

“Magnificent… describes with extraordinary eloquence, precision and poetic sensitivity [John Hull’s] physical and psychological metamorphosis” NEW YORK TIMES – CRITICS’ PICK, Stephen Holden

“Notes on Blindness offers powerful insight on emotion, spirituality, life and disability” LA TIMES, Katie Walsh

“Notes on Blindness earns BIFA Best Doc honors” REALSCREEN, Darah Hansen

For our virtual reality project:

“Mesmerizing.. the best virtual reality experience at Tribeca Film Festival”  VICE

 “Notes on Blindness is one of the first great virtual reality experiences”  ALPHR.COM

 “Undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary digital experiences of these past years”  IMM3RSIVE

And for our accessibility campaign:

“Can Notes on Blindness change the way streaming caters for disabled people?”  THE GUARDIAN